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The importance of inventory management in an organization is quite high as the optimum level of inventory is vital for achieving higher levels of profits and cash flows in the organization. The concept of inventory, efficient inventory management and the use of inventory management software with reference to the selected article were explained in the above sections to gain an understanding of these concepts.

It is concluded after careful review and analysis of the above concepts that effective and efficient inventory management techniques are quite important in a company to increase the level of profits and cash flows. Efficient inventory management systems imply that inventory should be kept at a level where it is neither too high nor too low. The level of inventory should be kept in a balance for catering to consumer demands and coping with changing fashions and a sudden decline in demand. Inventory management software can be implemented in an organization to increase the efficiency of inventory control and management but only in the presence of effective inventory planning. The inventory management software can be implemented based on the size and complexity of an organization keeping a close eye on the cost of these systems.

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