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Strategists and analysts actually believe in the fact that incentive systems in an organization are very important because productivity of employees rests on it (Dowling and Festing 2007). Furthermore, it can be said that there are different theories that are associated directly with the performance of employees and certain proponents of the incentive theory claims that employees are motivated by the incentives that are provided by the employer to them and their productivity depends on it. Incentives are usually classified as status oriented, purposive and material. The dependence of an organization on a particular system is based on its organizational flexibility (Mondy 2007). However, the core aspect that an organization focuses is based on the scenario that whether the employees are motivated with the performance incentive.

The human resource department is usually responsible for implementing these strategies and these strategies are important for them and other employees as well. However, it is quite obvious that there pays cannot be linked with corporate performance but in order to increase the performance of an organization the pays of employees are linked with the corporate performance (Seyfarth 2007). The responses of the employees are very essential because strategies and policies are developed for the employees and that is the reason why all the strategies are targeted towards the employees. The employees of the organization must be motivated and this motivation can be intrinsic as well as extrinsic. However, research suggests that certain employees work well when they are rewarded intrinsically and certain employees work effectively when they are motivated extrinsically. Therefore, it can be said that the reward system varies culturally and research suggests that employees are more motivated through monetary rewards that is the extrinsic motivation (Pynes 2009). Monetary rewards allows the employees to buy more since their purchasing power is increased then in this way they are satisfied more with the organization.

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