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The objective of this research paper is to evaluate the importance of early adopters and communication strategies. However, emphasis of the entire paper is laid which communication strategy is would maintain a brand appeal to the early adopters while the launching process initiates in the mass market.

1.3 Research Questions

In this paper we will discuss the following research questions in detail. These research questions are stated below:

  • Who are early adopters and what are the difference between an early adopter and mass consumers?
  • What is appealing to early adopters in terms of advertising and communications?
  • What are the benefits of early adopters when they buy a certain product before anyone else?
  • What are the innovative markets?
  • What is the phenomenon of innovation through the world?
  • What are the examples of campaigns that directly target the early adopters?
  • What are the advertising campaigns for recent innovations?
  • What are the best practices to reach the early adopters?
  • Which communication strategy is best in order to target the early adopters?

Scope of the Paper

The scope of the research paper is not limited because the topic of this paper is based on the marketing and communication strategies that are used to attract customers and retain them on a long term basis. That is the reason why all the attributes of early adopters and related communication strategies are discussed in this paper. The emphasis is laid on the fact that how early adopters are approached or handled when a brand is moving from early adopters towards the mass market. In the similar manner different innovative markets are identified in this paper through which the ultimate objective of this paper is achieved. However, there are certain limitations that are associated with this research like the various methods of research have their own limitations that have to be clearly gauged and realized by researchers when they make decisions in selecting the research approach to be used.

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