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However, as it stressed that a proper communication strategy is required for early adopters or any other market segment. Therefore, it should always be kept in mind that the process of communication does not just happened by itself and this process must be properly organized, built and developed. That is the reason why the first process of the communication strategy is to actually define the communication strategy[1]. A good and effective communication strategy helps every organization in both the short and the long run.

It allows an organization to research well on its target market and gives a proper control over its strategy and through a communication strategy an organization can frame different issues properly. A proper and effective communication strategy removes the doubts from the strategy makers and it actually involves all the participants in the entire project. A communication strategy must be designed in a group and it must be conveyed to all the members of the organization because all the members should plan and organize their task according to this strategy[2]. In the similar manner people can coordinate easily and they find out the solution of a problem. Therefore, an extensive strategy is needed in this issue of early adopters that in the initial phase organizations usually stress a lot on early adopters and the marketing campaigns are directly targeted to them. However, after a certain period of time when the product or service get acceptance then organization usually focus on the mass market in order to increase their sales figures.

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