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Call center is an important department of modern corporations. The call center is pivotal in tightening control over the labour process, to intensify work, and transforming the experience of work (Ellis and Taylor 2006). As a Portal of corporation a call center is built to improve communications between firms and consumers. The main role of a call center is to increase customer loyalty and to manage the customers. In addition, call center is the E-Business center of a corporation. It could supply many personalized services to cut down the corporation’s service cost. Important demand related information from customers can be collected by a call center to improve the service quality.

Most corporations perceive that efficient services are the most effective weapon in the vigorous competition. The consumer markets are vast and filled with competition. The consumers might become rational and insatiable in the selection of products and services. Consumers have the tendency to complain and change products or service suppliers when they don’t feel satisfaction in the products and services. So, it is necessary to research the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction.


Norwich Union is an Aviva company. Aviva is the world’s fifth-largest insurance group and the largest insurance service provider in the UK. The company have 57,000 employees which are the leaders of life and pension products in Europe and actively growing its long-term savings business in Asian markets, Australia and the USA. They are serving over 45 million customers in the world (Norwich union). The company currently employs 30,000 people in the UK and 3,000 in call centers of Perth and Bishopbriggs (Scotland), Sheffield and Norwich. In 2003, Norwich union first announced to build a call center with 1000 employees in India. The aim is to improve efficiency and cut down the cost of human resource (BBC).

Purpose of the research

The research revolves around explanatory studies and it is based on two principal methods. These two methods are known as a search of the literature and quantitative methods. Finally, SPSS is used to analyze the collected data.  The research content is shown in figure 1.

The search of the literature actually reviews the literature that is related to customer satisfaction and call center. Similarly it is used to supply theoretical basis for the design of the research, choosing a variable and then developing the core model. The quantitative method is used to design a questionnaire which is based on the literature and researched information. Then questionnaires are discussed and amendments are made in the questionnaire.

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