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Association of healthcare management systems and its professions not only have the job of ensuring quality record keeping, but looking the future, the association is pushing the initiative of ensuring fully electronic storage of information. Electronic storage will not only streamline storage, but it also enables an easy access of information as required. Security is paramount. The HIM professionals’ job is to ensure that the information channels are safe and secure and the setup they provide secure and safe. In order to ensure that the professionals remain up to far with the rapidly changing technologies and meet the high standards demanded by consumers, the AHIMA certifies HIM professionals in their field of expertise. These include “Coding specialists, Registered Health information Administrator, Registered health information technician, and certified personal in health care privacy and security” (Experts in Health Information Management, 2008).

H.I.M aims to interlink comprehensive patient information across the country and to ensure its accessibility in real-time to accomplish on time health care delivery. System interoperability and data interchange is the need of our times. It is the task of HIM professionals to ensure the creation of data organization, storage and extraction systems in health and related institutions with the view of providing services across the country(Advocate for Health Policy, 2008).

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