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The wide range of programs and commitments that have been undertaken by mining companies in terms of protect their culture, employment and environmental safety have also shown how the indigenous tribe have gained many advantages from these deals (Gillies, Cleworth, & Kapterian, 2008 p. 137-156).

Thus, if we consider the implications of the Mabo and Wik decisions we can see how they go beyond simply determining how natives received their titles. It also created an environment where the natives could advance their own economic interests through negotiations with the mining companies. The fact that they own much of the northern territories after the decision was passed puts this in their favor. Although the Wik decision took some of the power away from the aborigines to negotiate for their land and there are some aborigine who simply will not allow mining on their lands no matter what (Yunupingu, 1997). The aborigines have reached several agreements with mining companies in the past and will have to continue to do so in order to keep themselves independent and economically stable. It can seen however that thought their rights to trade in the federal government have been curtail, their personal dealings with mining companies have brought them positive effects to both their communities and their interests.

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