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The strategic and functional aligning of business with IT means a change in management focus and goals as well as in the roles of managers. The amendments required to the conventional manner of performing tasks and process execution demand a modification of the job description, there is apprehension among the managers about the new roles. The roles may also remain the almost the same. The roles may include those of traditional functional managers, executive leaders, technology architect and change catalyst. One reason for unhappiness is that the managers still are concerned about the value which can be derived from aligning IT and business. The perspectives of the Strategic Alignment Model are, often, not well-comprehended.

It is imperative that the advantages of aligning IT and business as well as the usefulness of IT/IS strategies be well-understood. The IT managers must be evaluated on four criteria. The first criterion is the assessment as a cost center. This means that the cost levels for making the business an IS and technologically driven organization must be at par with those of outsourcing agencies. The second criterion is appraisal as a service center which implies that the quality of service and expertise rendered by the IT managers must be outstanding and must match with the best industry standards. The third one is the evaluation of a profit center. This requires the IT managers to be vigilant of the new technologies in order to respond actively to the growing and changing product needs of consumers by using IT/IS strategies and infrastructure. In order, the IT managers are responsible for turning the business into an IS organization. The last criterion is the assessment as an investment center. This refers to investments in new technologies, research and development, licensing, and growth of IT capabilities and expertise.

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