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As the IM department is focusing primarily on the business aspects, it can embark on implementing CRM and data warehousing projects. These projects would greatly help the airline business in forming their corporate and marketing strategies. The data mining tools in the data warehouse supported by the CRM system would assist in discovering trends in customer flying habits and would, probably, also help in finding out the reasons for the fluctuations in trends. However, prior to launching a CRM system integrated with a data warehouse, it would be rather beneficial to conduct business process reengineering (BPR). It is not much use automating the existing, long-winded and redundant processes. It would cut on time but not on cost and would neither enhance efficiency. Adoption of best practices is essential before the corporate activities are automated.

The conducting of BPR before implementing CRM and data warehousing would take long. Data warehouse would be implemented before a CRM system is put in place. The installation and testing of the systems would again require a considerable time. Consultants would need to be outsourced. The longer the time period, the more costs are incurred. The top management may not show willingness for bearing such high expenditures. The implementation of the systems would require commitment and dedication not just by IT but by the entire organization. The employees may resist the turnaround and deem it as a threat to their jobs. They may fear layoffs as their jobs may become redundant.

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