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In the similar manner nearly all the government after that favored the philosophy that the white Australian policy should be abolished from the country because it actually contains elements of racial bias and hatred for other nations. Certain impediments were initiated by the government of Australia which is discussed below:

  • It was legislated that all the migrants can have permanent resident visa of Australia when they are permanently living in Australia for the last three years.
  • All the international agreements that were actually related to immigration and race were abolished.
  • The element of race and hatred were actually abolished.

This policy was properly rejected by the government of Australia and then came the racial discrimination act in the 1975 and it actually depicted that the racial criteria for any official purpose can be considered as illegal (Maddison and Denniss 2009). Thus after a certain period of time this policy was removed and other humanitarian programs were introduced in Australia. It can be said that these policy and measures are not suitable in the current era because they are against the human right laws and directly affect the well being of the society. Abolishing the white Australian policy is a proactive move which have benefitted the Australian society in both the short and the long run.

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