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Attachment is also a key determinant of the impact of divorce upon children. According to Booth et al. (2000), children become adversely affected by divorce and results show that self esteem, academic scores and a variety of other factors are negatively impacted due to divorce.

This effect might be enhanced in the secure infant types mentioned earlier as they tend to be more emotionally stable as compared to the other two types. The avoidant infants have very few relationships and after witnessing the effects of divorce first hand may be less inclined to form relations in the future. The ambivalent types have desires to form longer and more fulfilling relations but the fear of consequences prevents them from doing so. This fear factor might be enhanced as a result of divorce.

Based on the above discussion and the material presented, it is clear that divorce affects children’s emotional and social development. According to Eagan (2004), the effects have gradually decreased as divorce is not seen as taboo by society as it once was. Nevertheless, divorce might still cause severe emotional suffering for children. Parents should adapt the authoritative style as it has yielded the best results in children’s social and other skills.

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