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There are many adverse impacts of cruise ships and tours on the Antarctic region with the highest impact on the environment and the wild life of the region. As the frequency and number of visitors increases the wildlife especially the penguins are adversely affected by them and the landing on icebergs to photograph the animals.

The penguins and other animals in the region are used to living in a free and undisturbed environment as the population of people in Antarctica is minimal (Bastmeijer & Roura, Environmental Impact Assessment in Antarctica, 2008). The oil spill also affected the quality of water in the region for a long period of time. The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators – IAATO has defined and outlined standards for environmental safety and sustainability in the region for visitors in order to keep the wild life safe and unaffected. The standards clearly point out that visitors should stay at least 15 feet away from penguins and prohibit cruise ships with more than 500 passengers to land in the region (Splettstoesser, 2000).

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