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Applications of technology to medicine and health care have benefitted humanity in a wider scope. A couple of decade back there was no cure to diseases like cancer but technology’s input to this field introduced so many of those steps which were not possible before the advent of computer sciences. Advancement has also promoted the invention of some very beneficial expert systems to serve clinical guidelines. In this paper we are going to enlighten all the progress in medicine and health care due to technology. In this paper there are descriptions for many technologies which are being employed in various regions of the world.

In the beginning some ways are described for improvement of efficiency, time duration and quality of treatment. Then there are descriptions about ATDM technology, HELP systems, APACHE servers, and some conceptual models of communication which are prevailing in the health care industry. Furthermore some prototype concepts are explained like ‘Who does What for Whom at what Cost and with what Effect’ and prototype systems such as billing information systems and patient tracking systems. Utilization of EDI systems and Palm Pilots has also been discussed in this paper. Advancement in medical procedures like internet surgery and three dimensional model of image guided surgery is also reviewed. Besides, systems to build artificial limbs and other body parts are also included in discussion as the major technological advancement.

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