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Kim’s parents had immigrated into America from South Korea due to the economic hardships in their country. Secondly, there were administration problems in Korea during the time of their immigration, and therefore the parents were seeking some form of freedom, which had been lost thanks to the dictatorial regime in their country. At that time, their country was under colonization by Japan and the dictatorial rule was so harsh that they could not bear it. Not only was their freedom curtailed, they were also banned from speaking the Korean language at all. Dublin (143-147) describes the woes that Kim underwent before becoming fully assimilated into the American culture.

The parents had a difficulty in adjusting to their new statuses of Korean American citizens. This struggle trickled down to Kim, who found it hard to cpe even at school. He was called names by his fellow students and even once picked a fight with a fellow student who had gone further than Kim could handle. As the fight went on, the on-looking students gave some discriminatory comments that hurt Kim even more than the punches that he received. Though the perpetrator was expelled and Kim got away with just a suspension, the incident disturbed him for many days to an extent that he regretted being an Asian American. It took much determination and courage to finally get over the prejudice, accept his condition and be proud to be a Korean American.

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