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Immanuel Kant is a renowned philosopher, known for his great contributions to the fields of philosophy and science. The reason Kant’s work is considered strong and well-versed is because of its tremendous impact on preceding philosophers of science. Kant’s work is also closely attributed to that of famous scientist Isaac Newton because of the scientific theories applied in both. Kant is known for his merging together philosophical concepts with scientific knowledge, allowing for the depiction of the world from a broader spectrum.

In the Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science, according to Kant ““a pure part on which the apodictic certainty that reason seeks can be based” (1786).  Thus, the practice of both can be merged together to create one strong concept that survives over an incredible period of time. The works of Newton not only influenced the philosophy produced by Kant but helped enhance the successful concepts produced by the philosopher.

Kant was born in a small city, known as Königsberg , in East Prussia. This philosopher did not travel but his works were soon renowned for their realism and profound meaning. His work is considered one of the strongest philosophical ideas ever produced and he is responsible for beginning a constructive program whose basis exists to this very day.

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