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There is an image guided surgery as well which would help the surgeons in a great way. It needs the surgeon to be physically present to analyze a three dimensional model obtained from a laser scan. This three dimensional model captures the area under operation very clearly that a doctor can see what he is severing and slicing. A doctor carries particular instruments through which he can have a look at all the captured videos and snaps in a pre-surgical process. There is a virtual reality headgear which a doctor wears to see where exactly he is notching into the body. This prevents a doctor from making human errors (Tripod, 2008).

The efforts are being made on making limbs that should work exactly like a natural one and medical science will see this boom soon enough. Such systems are being tried to devise which would be containing connecting tissues, muscles and nerves so that they can perform almost like a natural limb. This invention works on the theory that the prosthetic limb would be connected straight to the brain. Brain would be giving it touch sensors to feel.

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