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In my viewpoint Illegal Immigration has now become an integral part of the U.S economy. The workers which make up much of the illegal workforce in the United States today is responsible for doing several low wage jobs that no other American is willing to take. If illegal immigration would stop such jobs would no longer be competitive causing a raise in wages and hurting the U.S economy in the long term.

It could be argued that this increases the unemployment rate, however they create demands within society for food, necessities and luxuries which leads to the creation of new jobs. They also fulfill roles in meat-packing, agriculture and construction industry keeping the costs of things like produce and housing affordable.

However the one true negative that adversely affects the U.S economy due to illegal immigration is the billions of dollars of net revenue tax income lost because they do not file tax returns. However, as I said before illegal immigrants are such a part of the U.S economy now that the only option viable to law makers would be to make them U.S citizens. After all weren’t the original settlers’ illegal immigrants in the first place.

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