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The implementation phase is considered to be the most important phase of customer relationship management application and it actually depends upon certain factors on which the entire CRM strategy and the programs of marketing and operational strategy depend.

Customer relationship management is usually viewed as a process of achieving and maintaining healthy relationships with the customers of the organization. This implementation of different CRM programs are associated with different marketing and tailor made operational programs. CRM through various years is actually considered as a tool of binding the customers and organizations together (Wagner & Zubey, 2006). However, the success of a successful CRM program depends on how well employees have implemented the processes and applications of CRM in an organization. A number of firms have developed different programs and applications through CRM to satisfy their customers. However, there are certain organizations that have even incurred hefty amount of losses due to CRM. Hershey incurred a loss of more than $ 100 million in sales because the CRM programs were implemented ineffectively and the sales of the entire organization were distorted because of this.

As far as CRM implementation is concerned there are certain issues that are associated with it. These issues of implementing a customer relationship management program are discussed below:

  1. The first and the most important aspect is where and how to start the entire process.
  2. The organization must believe that they have to minimize the costs.
  3. In the similar manner they have to reduce the risks.
  4. Organizations should also emphasize on the fact that they must generate tangible returns quickly.

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