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Idealism and Realism are both contrasting philosophical theories which provide different contention regarding the nature of reality and human ideas. While idealism is based on perception, realism is based on past awareness and understanding.

Within the context of human nature Idealism contends that it is fundamentally geared towards peace and harmony. Following the notion of idealism by states entails that they work in co operation with other states, that their guiding principles of practice are based upon a moral ethical code. They seek protection from threats occurring from the outside world by pursuing solidarity and co-operation. Essentially all of its strategies are geared towards the building of a lasting peace among nations. By pursuing these partnerships they can share in the beneficial outcomes. They are considered to exist in a world which does not take into account the realities around them; instead they exist independently of them and pursue their own ideals.

Realism in contrast takes a different approach to human nature. Realists believe that human nature is drawn towards conflict and violence. That creating a partnership among individuals through dialogue and co operation will not result in peaceful outcomes. The only possible manner for countries to advance their own interests is through violence and war. Realists believe that in order for their country to prosper they must protect their own interests and not allow morality to dictate their decisions. They believe that it is only rational for them to base their approaches on military intervention rather than ethical concern. They do not believe that partnership between nations allows for collective decision making, rather, it is merely a pretext and in the end the decisions are made individually by states themselves.

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