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Through Iago’s character in Othello, Shakespeare has highlighted the motive of human beings for power and revenge which can lead to destruction of many people as is evident by the deaths of Othello, Desdemona and Emilia. While it could be assumed that since Othello was a colored man in a society inundated with prejudice, his racial inferiority has branded him as a victim. Othello falters by investing his trust in the wrong sources and Iago capitalizes on this opportunity by reigning over that fear and cynicism. Iago is a villain who commits his villainy through psychological introduction. His character is independent to the premise of Othello and the sequence of events that lead to Desdemona’s cold-blooded murder. However, the circumstances aid Iago’s agenda in trying to create destruction everywhere. Whether it is out of spite, falsified perception of omnipotence or simply vengeance, Iago’s character will go to any lengths to wreak havoc.

A psychological explanation of Iago’s deeds could be connected to his sadistic need for entertainment. Iago indulges in great pleasure when he makes them dance to his melody and leaves them distraught and hopelessly vacant. The feeling of being able to assign predictability to the central characters and of manipulating Roderigo’s obsession with Desdemona makes Iago seem like a transcendent superhuman figure. Iago’s intelligence stations him on a high position in the social stratum. Roderigo, essentially, has given up hopes of procuring Desdemona and aims to discard her from his life like a reclusive memory. But through Iago’s multifaceted persuasion Roderigo’s repressed love rekindles again. However, the power play in this relationship does not function on a single track. Roderigo’s subservience is reciprocated by his wealth; influence and social status that help Iago achieve his materialistic goals.

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