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Iago puts up a very strong pretence. Othello’s preference of Cassio over Iago as his lieutenant resurfaces an underlying intuitive decision that does not want him to function in a role where authority is legitimate. A scuffled alibi could claim that Othello wanted fresh blood for that post and while Cassio was young and energetic, Iago had gone old and roughly tired in comparison. As far as Othello’s relationship with his wife is concerned, he makes a horrible blunder by doubting her sanctity and modesty and falling prey to her alleged romance with his lieutenant. Othello’s perception of the circumstances is inconsequential to the goings-on. In fact, his interpretation of Desdemona’s romance, leading to her murder, is sovereign of the role he is expected to play. That major tragic flaw overpowers his decision-making abilities. By murdering Desdemona, Othello tried to prove a point that he cannot stand injustice and infidelity which serves a sharp irony since betrayal was all that Othello got from Iago.

Since the characters are mere marionettes to the author’s will, it can be deduced that characters, such as Iago, turn into ruthless villains due to a chain of circumstances that turn them into antagonists. Either the past can be held responsible for accumulating this hatred against the world that is channeled out through villainous impulses or a certain twist of fate that takes place within the plot which makes it easier to explain the cause-and-effect relationship. That being said, it is evident that Iago’s prime motive was anarchy and lust for power.

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