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The following hypotheses have been developed:

The alleged unfavorable work conditions and the low compensation for the demanding and strenuous jobs of Allied Health are the causes leading to shortage of Allied Health Professional Workforce.

The entire medical world particularly the physicians are apprehensive that an acute shortage of Allied Health Professional Workforce is likely to occur if the current trend continues leading to a decline in proper dissemination of healthcare services.

The younger generation could be motivated and persuaded as well as provided with incentives to pursue careers in the Allied Health.

The above stated hypotheses have been developed keeping in mind the initial background study and the information gathered by the researcher from that study. These hypotheses would be tested for validity and accuracy by conducting thorough research.

The research problem which this dissertation focuses on is about the decline in the Allied Health Professional Workforce and aims to investigate and find answers to three particular areas.

The research problem is explicitly explained by the statement of problem situation. The research study to be conducted for this dissertation would revolve around the shortage of Allied Health Professional Workforce.

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