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Red deer, roe deer, wild mountain sheep (Mouflon) , pallas and wild boar are the wild game available for hunting in Luxembourg (Société des naturalistes luxembourgeois). Luxembourg has a number of wildlife reserves where hunting is prohibited. There are some reserves where hunting is permitted for part of the year. Hunting may not be done without a valid hunting license. The Hunting Department of the Ministry of Forestry issues licenses for hunter after they have successfully passed a three-part exam. Boar hunting is allowed throughout the year in Luxembourg, for other species of animals there are special hunting seasons; an animal may not be killed out of season. The hunting season for big game lasts from mid-August to mid-December and for small game from October to December. Waterfowls may be hunted from September to January and other birds from August to January. The fox-hunting season lasts from July to February (Société des naturalistes luxembourgeois).

In Luxembourg, the rough coated basset is preferred for hunting small game like rabbits. The hound drives the game towards the guns of the waiting hunters (Bryden).


The town of St Hubert in Belgium advertises itself as the ‘European Capital of Hunting and Nature’. The area abounds with wild boar and deer. Every year in early September a three day hunting festival is held titled ‘Journées Internationales de la Chasse et de la Nature ‘ (Logan and Cole).


In the English Countryside, the Fox Hunt is an annual tradition. The hunters chase after fox, mounted on horses following their foxhounds (Underhill). The British used to hunt-foxes in Calpe in Gibraltar as well in they same manner, which would be a source of amazement to the local Spaniards who would wonder why the English wasted so much time, effort and expense to hunt an animal which would be gotten rid of by one shot (Gilbard).


The Stag hunt was a popular pastime among the German nobility. A large number of servants chased after the stag with the hounds and surrounded it, thereafter the nobleman would shoot it (Baedeker, K.).


French hunters used to trap beavers for their pelts. In winter, the hunters would cut holes through the ice to reach the beaver’s lodgings. In the summer the beavers would be shot with guns and arrows. Deadfall traps would be placed in the paths of the beaver baited with poplar or aspen twigs. Sometimes the hunters would break down the beaver dams and drain the ponds, the beavers would be unable to escape to the open waters and would be caught on the bottom of the pond by the hunter’s dogs (Pye).


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