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Arcade Publishing claims this book to be one of the best written pieces of fiction which contains elements of hope, desire and speaks of the significance of fictional literature (2010).

There are several tragic and serious movies constructed on the Holocaust but to light and jovial ones are difficult to find. Movies help instill great comedy by showing images which can add a humorous tinge to any situation. This job has been done by the creation of a Life is Beautiful which is one of the most touching pieces to come out of the Italian cinema. It depicts the life of a young man and family who are forced into a concentration camp at the peak of their lives. The character of the young man Guido is played by renowned Italian comedian Roberto Benigni who takes a matter as serious as the Holocaust and twists it into a story based on survival and sacrifice. Though the actor is not Jewish he depicts the stories of the Holocaust victims with such tact and spirit that it is impossible to recognize him as a non-Jewish comedian. The movie is divided into two parts with the first one reflecting the style of a slapstick comedy. Benigni is an example of how the Jewish faith kept the individuals in that decade alive. He adapts quickly and is cynical of any authority that demeans.

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