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The different kinds of humor that emerged related not to the Holocaust alone, instead also to those who instilled this terrible travesty upon an innocent race. This is coupled with the element of time and how it played a tremendous role in shaping the satire that accompanied this event. The period during the Holocaust, the period after it and the ideas with which the event is remembered all differs over the time period over which it has stretched out. Thus, the essence of the Holocaust lies not only in the period over which it occurred but also the different ways through which it took shape over the past several decades. Satire is the strongest element in lowering and presenting the disastrous effects of any crisis and examples of this are presented below.

There are several books written by Jewish writers which discuss the childhood they suffered, caught in the theatrics of their specific religion. These books define the significance humor played in helping them remove themselves from the anguish of living in a house with Holocaust survivors. Amongst them is Shalom Auslander’s book a Foreskin’s Lament: A Memoir which talks of his childhood, growing up in an orthodox Jewish home (2007)[1]. This book is a perfect display of how many Jewish families living far away from the Holocaust felt themselves suffering the same fate as their fellow counterparts, not because of any social or cultural ties but strong religious ones.

[1] Shalom Auslander. Foreskin’s Lament: A Memoir. New York: RiverheadBooks, 2007, 16.

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