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Writers, actors and comedians from the developed world have used humor as their tool to ward off all the negativity and suffering that was depicted for the Jewish community. They have worked to show a side that is unknown to the world, which is too blinded and interested in the horrors that affected this group. These individuals have focused on ideas and concepts that make them unique or present a side of them which is relatively unheard of.  While some used humor to display their normality and commonness with the rest of the world, others used it as means of explaining their emotions as outcasts in society. Humor proved to be the perfect weapon that allowed the Jews to survive a decade of torture and anguish.

This humor allowed them to survive the tough conditions of concentration camps and emerge from these dreadful dungeons, victorious. It is the same humor that allows them to survive in the world today, when they are attacked by prejudiced thinkers over their beliefs and cultures. While there are many who criticize this satire and hold the comedians responsible for belittling and lowering the real essence of the Holocaust, the defenders claim this laughter to heal the pain and terror of those who survived this ruthless crisis. Humor is and always be an essential weapon in fighting off the suffering and pain during times of crisis.

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