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Motivating employees is an important aspect delivering customer service but managing all aspects of human resources leads to keeping employees satisfied and keep on growing the business. At Starbucks, “Human resources’ challenge is to ensure that the company’s partner-based values survive its ambitious expansion into the new millennium. Therefore, HR takes stock in being a democratic operation, inviting ideas and solutions, and sharing in the rewards. To nurture open communications and innovative thinking, several Partner Relations mechanisms exist.” (Weiss, 1996)

Starbucks implements a “Mission Review” that allows employees to make inquires about anything they like and leave comments pertaining to how they feel, how the company has aided that positive or negative feeling, and how it can retain or improve it. Each “partner” receives an answer and none of the queries are overlooked. (Weiss, 1996) Communication is the key in all relationships and Starbucks is a firm believer. Everyday relationships often don’t work out because people keep their frustrations built up inside. Husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, girlfriends and boyfriends, and employees and employers have the same kind of relationship. One can make the other angry, upset, dissatisfied, under-appreciated and without the expression of these emotions each relationship is bound to fail. Therefore encouraging people at Starbucks to communicate freely and not build up any frustrations inside that might prove to be toxic later has helped the company keep its employees.

“Open Forums are regularly held to examine performance, recognize achievements, plus look at the future. It’s also another opportunity for partners to freely question upper management.” (Weiss, 1996) This has helped Starbucks greatly because it was one of the first company’s who broke the barriers of a formal environment where a person at the bottom of the hierarchy could never reach the people at the top of the hierarchy. “In fact, upon being hired, all senior executives had to train and succeed as baristas before being allowed to assume their positions in corporate headquarters.” (Moon & Quelch, 2006, p. 4)

“Three years ago, human resources began examining how it could become more attuned to its partners. For instance, some employees who started with the company when they were m college are now buying homes and managing the realities of child-care and eldercare issues. Starbucks has responded by providing flexible work schedules as part of the work/life program” (Weiss, 1996) This program allows workers create flexible work schedules that fit in with their needs so their personal lives do not affect their work lives and they can perform efficiently. The human resources department also started a online employee support system that is accessible twenty-four hours a day, all over the world, to all employees. (Weiss, 1996)

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