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Human resource management and information system is considered an important aspect for different organizations and organizations stress a lot on these factors. That is the reason why organizations that usually possess a mammoth structure prefer a proper human resource management and information systems. In today’s world, businesses heavily rely on human resource management system and it is considered to be the part and parcel of organizations. This paper analyzes different human resource management issues of General Motors and then these issues are analyzed by using the theories of human resource management. Furthermore, implications of the issues are also included with conclusions and recommendations regarding certain strategies available to the organization.

Human resource management issues in General Motors

General Motors Corporation is considered as a power house in the car manufacturing industry and it was established in 1908. This organization is considered as the largest manufacturer of automobiles and GMC manufactures truck and cars under different brand names. There are a total of 284,000 employees in GMC and they are located in 35 different countries. GMC stresses a lot on human resource management and human resource management is considered as a corporate strategy of GMC (Noe and Hollenback, 2008). In the similar manner it can be clearly said that in the automotive industry General Motors is considered as the leader of innovative HR practices. GMC has reshaped the conventional policies of human resources and this organization is well aware of the fact that corporate function of HR is changing into a strategic option for different organizations. However, these policies vary with the external factors and these HR approaches are revamped by the organization in the scenario of financial crisis (Stein and Furman, 2008).

That is the reason why managing employees in General Motors is considered as an uphill task. Strategists and analysts believe that there are certain issues that are quite prevalent in the organizational structure of General Motors. These human resource management issues are listed below:

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