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This is the place where further advancement in robotics should stop otherwise a great disaster would come to shatter everything. Scientists are trying hard to bring out more human-like features to a robot. They are trying to give human-like feelings and expressions to robots.

In fact they are sure enough that they would achieve this target soon enough. If this happens, who would stop them to fall in love with humans and vice versa? And further step would be the human-robot marriages. Now this will be an awful situation. Mr. David Levy and other roboticists are certain that if they succeed in making humanoid robots, then successful human-robot marriages would become possible. An institution called family would be devastated wholly by this un-natural deed and the society will be traumatized. There is no doubt that technology should advance but definitely there should be some limit to it otherwise the world environment would be full of aberrant acts. Human-human relationship will not be strengthening much because people will start trusting on such robots that they would not trust their friends anymore (HowStuffWorks, Inc, 2009).

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