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Hypertext markup language includes some sort of new style and formatting of text elements to make e-business document more presentable. In the past, simple HTML was used to create documents with headings, bullets, title bars, and other ordered lists.

With development of ecommerce technologies, successful business models representation requires architects and strategic change to break though the matter of artificial barriers between analytical process and transactional technology (Simon & Shaffer 2001, p.127).  The use of html in e-commerce technology seems as a seamless integration to represent the accomplishment of an objective of building blocks for a reliable e-business system.  In e-commerace environment, html is the primary means for the executaion of presentable business layers through which queries and reports are presented.

Additionally, the interaction of HTML enables the option of data processing in a more precise form.  It is a way of simplifying the process of data transition between businesses and supports the creation of standards and platform-independent protocols to facilitate e-commerce.

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