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According to the Brookings Institution although the United States may be seen as attacking inside Pakistan, it still has every right to do so. The United States does not see attacking these areas as being outside international law since they perceive the area as lawless and not under government control and thus not under the protection of the Pakistani government. However, an argument has been leveled against these perceptions of the United States that even if the area is lawless it is still governed by its own laws which are based on their tribal customs and culture[1].

Thus, according to the Brookings Institute the United States is not infiltrating Pakistan; it is merely destroying military bases in an area that is under no authority[2]. Another viewpoint by a professor at National War College states that the United States is within its rights to pursue these criminals under article 51 of the United States charter. This states that a country can pursue an option of force against another country if it has been attacked. However, since

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