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Computer technology has revolutionized the lifestyle of today. Although the computers had been designed to serve the humanity, but due to its advancement, humanity itself has to reach the advancement in order to get the most out of it. This is so true that invention of computers have changed us more than changing our domain. Computers have provided us the smooth road of optimization, but it does need our sharp attitude to make decisions in an instance to get the results. Emergence of digital computers have given the way to promote technology and transform the atmosphere in our surroundings for a positive change in society, exactly like the invention of steam engine gave way to other inventions for economic development.

It’s an ongoing process to first create technology than adapt it fully to make the most of it. Digital Computers direct us to learn the memory management, storage devices, programming language etc. because these are the things that will help us to invent more things in technology. Now we are able to manage bigger and multifarious organization and we can invest higher amounts with reliability due to its emergence. The invention of computer is different from others because all the other inventions extended certain domains but computers accelerated us to grow culturally (Business will Change, 2009).

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