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Another factor that is functioning in the defense of the terrorists is the technological advancement. According to Daniel Benjamin there are about 10,000 people who have the range of expertise to design weapons of mass destruction. This is due to the technological advancement and the reach of individuals to the advanced technology[1]. The claim that the globalized terrorism will be losing its significance becomes impossible when the terrorist attacks are considered to become more deadly due the threats of using deadly explosives.

Due to the increasing number of explosives and technological trends the terrorists are complicated to detect. The availability of advanced technology gives chances to the non-state actors to move freely around the globe. The constant rise in the easy availability of these mass destructive weapons would increase the statistics of the globalized terrorism in the near future. The statements of Osama bin Laden act as the proof of the effectiveness of this claim. Osama Bin Laden’s statements pronounce that weapons of mass destructions should be used to attack infidels and cripple the economy of US[2].

Some other factors that completely adds more in the terrorism in the contemporary world order is the growing wealth gap and economical status of different countries. Terrorism will continue to increase its significance over the ten to fifteen years due to the constant changes in the economy of most of the countries. The economical gap between states is more likely to destabilize the world order which will become a source of motivation for the non-state actors to attack the wealthy and richer areas[3].

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