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In order to consider how many individuals smoke Marijuana in the United States we can take a look at a study which was conducted by the National Survey on drug use and health. This study looked at the average usage of Marijuana among people of 12 years and older from 1999-2001 and found that an average of 5.1% were found using it (Natonal Survery On Drug use and health, 2005).

Other statistics which have focused on the war of drugs have found that the number of arrests which have occurred due to simple possession of Marijuana in New York have numbered over three hundred and fifty thousand in between the time periods of 1997-2006. It was also reported that 52% of the individuals arrested were African American in origin. These statistics have also shown that the successful arrests which were made against the use of Marijuana were only done so by allowing the frisking of nearly four hundred and seventy nine thousand people. According to these statistic eighty seven percent of these individuals were innocent at the time they were searched (Levine & Small, 2008). It can be seen how the fear mongering of the war on drug has created an environment where the loss of privacy of the civilian population has became the last concern for law enforcement officials.

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