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The financial crisis like other countries affected Japan and the growth of this country was negatively affected in the scenario of financial crisis. However, history suggests during the phase of 1980’s the economy of Japan benefitted from the cold war relationships with the United States (Yoshikawa and Kauffman 1994). In this stage Japan started to progress and because of its easy access to American markets and technologies they progressed rapidly. The United States also helped Japan in certain scenarios and Japan was progressing slowly and gradually in the field of technology. After the Korean War new plants and different new technology oriented organizations were developed in Japan (Nakayama and Goto 2001). Therefore, history depicts that in this scenario Japan was able to cope with the financial crisis after the financial disruptions.

The recent scenario in Japan is that new and modernized technologies are developing and these technologies are focusing on environmental issues that are several affecting the society. People are concerned a lot about these issues and certain nongovernmental organizations are also increasing the awareness of people. Therefore, after electronics and cars Japan in this current era is focusing on environmental friendly issues (Chinworth 1992). However, the general inventions of this country are eye catching and they before they were invented human cannot even believe that this can also happen. Surfing in the rain, computers controlled by the human eyes, giant satellites, mind reading robots, etc are some of the inventions of Japanese that can easily galvanize a human mind and normal consumers living in a third or even a developing country might question that can it really happen that a man can surf the internet on the umbrella when its raining. In the similar manner there were certain other devices that have shaped the normal lives of a common man and people can easily say that through different technologies they are getting modernized and this modernization is helping them in their lives (Henrichsen 2004).

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