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Motivation is considered as an important aspect as far as employees and managers of organization are concerned and managers usually stresses on how they can motivate their employees. Motivation can result in enhanced result and improved performance in both the short and the long run. Managers usually opt for two policies when they are planning to motivate their employees. Managers usually opt of extrinsic and intrinsic motivational policies to actually motivate their employees. A pat on the back, saying ‘well done’ or great job, etc can be treated as intrinsic motivation. In the similar manner providing healthy and recreational activities to the employees are also associated with intrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation motivates an employee to work harder and employees feel satisfied that the organization is satisfied with their performance. Besides, intrinsic motivation another important type of motivation is extrinsic motivation and this type of motivation includes factors like pay increase or certain benefits that are directly associated with money. Strategists and analysts usually suggest that employees are generally more motivated with extrinsic motivation because they can fulfill their desired needs through this motivation.

As far as my personal view is considered I usually stress a lot on extrinsic rewards when I am motivating other and in order to motivate myself I look for intrinsic motivation and this intrinsic motivation drives me to work harder and this strategy benefits in both the short and the long run (Baldoni, 2004).

Thus it can be concluded that motivational techniques helps employees of an organization to work for the benefit of themselves and for the benefit of their organization and these motivational rewards and techniques which a company may implement through its human resource policies helps them in both the short and the long run. However, it should be kept in mind that the policies are practically implemented and they must not be treated as a managerial fad.

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