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The scenario of cooperative marketing can also be evaluated by the example of Visa and Marriot offer. The holders of Visa card can experience fabulous discounts at Marriot hotels and for this campaign certain valuable coupons are offered to the loyal customers of Visa card. However, it can be analyzed that both the organizations benefitted from this approach and this is actually the power of cooperative marketing (VISA, 2003). Another example of cooperative marketing is the co op plans of small businesses that actually link business owners and the governments. In this scenario the local entrepreneurs were offered to sell their products to the state and the federal government. In the similar manner it can be said that cooperative marketing played its part and it actually benefitted both the parties (NFIB, 2009).

In the scenario of GGI cooperative marketing can be very beneficial and the organization can easily coordinate with suppliers and other players in the market when they are entering into the house wares section. The collaboration with the suppliers can be extremely beneficial for GGI because in this manner both the parties can share their risks and profits at the same time and in this way it can be beneficial for the organization in both the short and the long run. Furthermore, they can hire marketing or a branding organization for the repackaging of the brand and this collaboration would give a new life to the brand. In the similar manner for the additional stores they can hire a logistics company to deal with these matters.

Therefore, it can be said that cooperative marketing is quite effective for different organizations if the basic idea of cooperative marketing is implemented in a proper manner. The value of these relationships is quite effective but the entire value of the program revolves around the objective of the program and the relationship revolves around the scenario that how well both the organizations are aligned with each other. Besides advertising there are certain scenarios like socially cooperative marketing can be very beneficial for social and general organizations. However, in cooperative marketing it is a difficult task to identify that which organization is favorable for a certain organization. That is the reason why the decision makers of the organizations stress a lot on the alignment of objective and mission and vision of both the organizations. As far as GGI is concerned then it can be said that GGI can align with different organizations in order to fulfill its objectives. The best match for GGI is the organizations that produce house wares and it might be the suppliers of the GGI. In this co marketing efforts they can market together and even collaborate in certain other scenarios.

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