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Middle level managers usually attain titles like General Manager, Plant Manager, and regional Manager etc. They can influence and shape the overall strategies of the company in a number of ways. They can depict entrepreneurial behavior and can successfully achieve corporate entrepreneurship in the organization. Their charismatic attitude can change the company’s business line strategies and influence the overall business model of the company.

Their personal careers can experience a boost when the organizational strategies are experiencing a positive phase and that’s due to middle level managers. By effectively shaping the strategies of their departments they can present a positive view in from of the top management.

(d). what other effective roles can middle level managers play in the development and execution of their company strategies?

Middle level managers can play different roles in the development and execution of the company’s strategies. Middle level managers perform the actual implementation work of strategies and they coordinate with low level managers and then develop a strategy and execute it. They are usually known as “change masters” as they modify their strategies for the betterment of their organization (David).  Top level managers usually target them and low level managers needs motivation to work therefore they help both of them in the execution of strategy.  They must coordinate with the top management and should focus on the core objectives of the organization when developing or executing a strategy.

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