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The history of California is enriched with developmental era and some of the pitfalls that have generated the contemporary picture of California. The history of California elaborates why California is considered as the gold state and what events contributed to its importance in the history. The history of California is all about the land of Gold and immigrants who entered the land of gold, California. In this paper we shall discuss the economic, social and political history of California. We will discuss how political, social and economical history played role in the development of California. The particular time that we have selected for the research is from 1850 to 1906.

California was granted the statehood in 1850 and from that time the political, social and economical scenarios began to take its roots growing on its verge. 1850 was the year when California was accepted as the state. The acceptance of California as a state in America was a result of the treaty that was signed between Mexico and America. The treaty managed to end the Mexican war and yielded a war potion of the south which included California as well. Later on the most heated issue that was debated was slavery. California managed to enter the Union as a free state that stopped the way of slavery from entering California. In particular the land of gold, California became the 31st state of American in 1850 (Capron).

A large amount of people entered California in search of better economical, social and educational prospects. People came in California in order to live a life quality and comforts.  California positioned its first capital in San Jose. The city of San Jose fell short in terms of facilities for a proper capital. The winter of 1850-1851 caused the dirty roads turn into a muddy streams. The legislature was found to be unsatisfied with the San Jose being the capital of California. Former General Mariano Guadalupe donated land for the purpose of new capital for California. Vallejo was then considered as the capital of California where the legislature summoned and assembles in 1852 and again in 1853 (Tuthill).

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