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Gerald Ford signed the Tax Reduction Act of 1974 as a means of reducing inflation. His idea that the economy would improve through tax rebates failed tremendously and the inflation rates did not decrease.

Jimmy Carter vetoed a lot of bills and act because he thought that they were inflationary and unnecessary. Along with helping the Social security act which helped employ thousands of Americans he focused on the environment too. He created the “Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act” and formed a huge national park in Alaska.

Ronald Reagan created the “Immigration Reform and Control Act” required employers to check the status of the employees they were going to hire to see if they were legal residents of the United States. All illegal immigrants were denied a job which he believed would force them to seek a legal status through the proper means and improve their lifestyles.

George Bush negotiated with NAFTA to minimize or end tariffs on items traded between the three countries in North America. The purpose of this was to promote trade between the three countries.

Bill Clinton signed the “Minimum Wage Increase Act” in 1996. This was done to ethically pay the workers a minimum amount of compensation according to the rising costs.

George W. Bush “No Child Left Behind” Act was a measure to increase he education rate in the United States and not to deny education on the basis of a high or low income.

2a.          Democracy is a means to freedom and the way for every individual to have a voice. Communism strips an individual of what he deserves and is unjust. America felt the communism had to be defeated no matter what the cost because communism is the worst threat to democracy.

b.            Ten steps to stop communism

  1. The containment policy was created by the United States to stop communism from spreading. They wanted to help other countries to not fall into the mousetrap of communism.
  2. The Truman Doctrine was created by President Truman to help countries like Turkey and Greece to be unaffected by communism.
  3. The Highway Act was started by President Eisenhower as a safety measure for people to evacuate cities if they were a targeted to be attacked by the communist USSR. The highways would also help the U.S. military go into the cities as a means of defense and attack.
  4. Marshall Plan was to provide all the non communist countries to work together and help stop communism after the Second World War….

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