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One of the important issues in protecting the privacy of another person from an Islamic perspective is to not reveal those facts about that person, that one might have inadvertently gained knowledge of, that they would wish to keep secret.

In Islam the act of keeping unseemly facts about other Muslims a secret and thus preserving their honor, is seen as an act of great virtue. According to a narration the one who keeps the private sins of another Muslims a secret, God will keep his failings a secret in this world and after-world (Azami). According to another narration the heavenly reward for keeping the sins of a Muslim secret is equal to the reward of one who saves the life of an infant girl child buried at birth (a common form of infanticide in pre-Islamic Middle-East that is severely condemned in Islamic scriptures) (Azami).

The opposite act i.e. broadcasting a fellow Muslim’s private sins, spreading rumors and backbiting is condemned in the most explicit and severe terms. People who promulgate the sins of their fellow Muslims are warned of the punishment of Hellfire.

As we have seen previously, back-biting another Muslim is condemned in the Quran and likened to eating the dead flesh of a Muslim brother.

In a narration from the Prophet, the Muslims have been warned against trying to humiliate their fellow Muslims by recalling their past wrongdoings which they have now repented from. According to the narration, the doer of this action shall face divine punishment in the form that they shall not die till they have committed the same crime or sin with which they taunted their fellow believer (Saroha).

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