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The liberal meaning of this word is the “Party of God” (transcript 12). The majority members of this organization are the Shiia Muslims and its head quarter is in Lebanon. Its agenda is to establish a theocratic and fundamental muslim state in lebnan and demolition of the state of isreal as well (transcript 12).

It come into being at the time of invasion of idreal in lebanies territories in 1982. Hezbollah is mainly involved in the abducting the isreali army and medical officers for the forced release of their prisoners who are behind bars in Israel. It also runs training camps which provide terrorist for their violant activites and some other groups like Fata and islamic Jehad. This gang of terrorist is suspected to be involved in the suicide bombing attack on the American base in Lebanan. Almost 241 U.S. soldiers were killed in that incident. The bombing at the Embassy of Israel in Buenos Aires in 1992 is also associtaed to this group.

Hezbollah has very strong relationship with Iran which provides it weapons, money and  other diplomatic support. Syria is another major helper of it. Hezbollah has also very wide social services network. For mobilizing and gaining the support of the general public and trainig the suicide bombers, it is also running a television station.

Islamic Jihad

Its verbal meannig is the  “Islamic Holy War”. Like Hamas, it is also involved in suicide bombing activities in Israel to disrupte the peace measures in the Middle East. It aspires to set up a fundamental Islamic Palestinian state. This group is much smaller than that of Hamas and can play a significant political and strategic role (Terrorism Project, 2002). It was established in Egypt in 1960 but it became more powerful after the Iranian revolution in 1979 and then it declared its name as Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). Its headquarter is situated in Syria. Fathi Shaqaqi and Dr. Ramadan Abdallah Shalah are two prominent historical figures of this movement (Terrorism Project, 2002). PIJ has allegedly invovled to finish the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestine. Among the main donars of this organiztaion are the Iran, Syria and Lebanon which provide all the financial and operational support (Novel Guide, 2005).

Hamas mainly guard the territories of Palestine from the invasion of Israel. Hezbollah, on the other hand, try to protect Lebanon from the potential Israeli attacks. Hezbollah has much bigger organizational network along with its military power than that of Hamas. But the ultimate objective of both organizations is the same, the destruction of the state of Israel and establishment of Islamic fundamental state.

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