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The healthy functioning of a society depends upon the healthy functioning of its individual population. From the sociological viewpoint sickness is determined not only by scientific research but by society and culture as well. Every single social institution which serves its population is made up of four distinct sociological factors that serve as their foundations. These are the basic cultural values of the society, the traditions, the beliefs and the expectations regarding the behavior of others. This explains the reasons why social institutions differ from one society to the next.

Like every other social institution the advent of health care was created to fulfill a need in society, leading to the creation of a system without any input from scientific, sacred or social institutions. It can be seen how such a system can be unpredictable and unwieldy. However, like any other institution, it has an intrinsic need to grow and evolve in order to survive.

Their evolution will be decided by individuals who determine what the true needs of society are. And if they fail it is not because of the institution itself it’s because society failed to update them (Johnson & Rhodes, 2005).

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