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Every employee is entitled to the right to know, right to participate and the right to refuse. Every worker also has the right to understand what kind of hazards would be associated in his particular workplace. This would be very important in ensuring that protective measures are instituted to protect lives. Appropriate code of communication is important in ensuring everyone including those with disabilities are communicated to.

It is the right of workers to be involved in the process of identifying and possibly correcting the situations that may pose health risk. Employers are supposed to form committee on safety, with members of the committee coming from the employees (Martyn, 2009). When the employee thinks that the job being assigned to him is dangerous, he has the right to refuse to do it. It is justifiable in situations where by the employee believes that the workplace is dangerous where operation of certain equipment may be harmful to the workers or his colleagues. The other reason that can warrant him to refuse the job is if by doing the job is dangerous in itself.

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