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Workers play an important role in the development of the economy. Without the workers in the economy, there are so many things that would not be accomplished. It is therefore in everybody’s interest that the rights of the workers are safeguarded. Many governments in the world have enforced laws to ensure that workers are able to conduct their activities in places that are very conducive for human survival (Barnetson, 2010).

Together with the government, there are also other bodies that have come up to protect the rights of the workers. In spite of the government’s effort to ensure that everything is in place, there are still many injuries that take place. These occur as a result of negligence at the workplace. Worse, deaths also occur in organizations and industries.

It is the duty of both the employers and employees to ensure that this goal is achieved. Costs associated with workplace injury may be managed in a variety of ways, including emphasizing an early return to work programs (Barnetson, 2010). We are going to divide it into different aspects that we shall explore more keenly. These issues include:

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