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The hands are commonly used by workers when carrying out their daily tasks. It is therefore important to ensure that they are adequately protected from any harm. When lifting goods in the company, it is important that proper lifting strategies are employed. This will play a major role in ensuring that the back and spinal code are adequately protected from any injuries. The ears also play an important role in one’s life. It is important that when one is working in an organization that has so much noise, it is good idea to wear protective gear. Failure to do this will normally result in impairments.

Eye wear and shields are the most effective tools that can be used to prevent injury to the eyes. Lose of eyesight usually means loss of someone’s life. One is not able to see and therefore it means that job loss is inevitable. The kind of shoes worn in the organization is equally important. Most of the injuries occur in the foot. It is therefore necessary to prevent this from occurring. Dropping objects can be very dangerous for the person working in the organization. It is therefore of much importance to ensure that the person working in such environment has his head covered at all times (Martyn, 2009). This will prevent a lot of damage. The skin also requires adequate protection depending on the type of job that one does.

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