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The private sector is playing a major role in ensuring that the much needed health services are available to the public. For instance, the Nigerian health ministry is partnering with private partners in making and distribution of prepackaged malaria treatment kits (PPT).

This approach requires a lot of dedicated resources that the government is shy of going alone. This has resulted in production of drugs of poor quality that again end up being supplied with inadequate information on dosage and regulations of compliance (PSI). This is one of the major impediments as the country loose many lives through bogus partners who get into such deal with an aim of making money. The role of private sector is tainted in such instances thus compromising the trust the public sector may be having in it.

The private sector however remains one of the major partners in improving health. Availability of funds from this sector has been instrumental. However, misappropriation of funds by the responsible authorities have been a major set back especially in developing countries (Jeffrey, 201).

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