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Delayed treatment in many cases has resulted in many deaths especially the lack of immediate attention to sicknesses (PSI). This can be due to unavailable health facilities such as dispensaries or due to ignorance among the different populations therefore making this problem not only a funding one but also individual. Many patients get the relevant attention when it is already too late and thus succumb to the diseases.

Partnerships among different organization are key to fight against diseases. For example, PSI is an international organization fighting malaria and has collaborated with several African governments to fight malaria (PSI). The government avails the relevant assistance as the company provides mosquito nets to the people. Such partnerships are very rare given the fact that such initiatives are very expensive again hindering good health care services.

In the medical field, it is mandatory that the personnel are very well skilled. Lack of adequate training in many developing countries has resulted in a failure against various diseases (Jeffrey, 111). In Kenya for example, the fight against malaria is getting a major setback from the unskilled workers who are deployed to the grass root level to provide health advice to the public (PSI). This has resulted in administration of inappropriate drugs or doses in attempts to treat malaria further derailing the fight against malaria in this country.

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