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Health care systems of most industrialized nations are governed by a central authority that specifies how the components will link to each other. The health care system in the United States, however, is highly fragmented, having evolved as a result of government policies and economic, technological, and social forces into a loosely linked network of public and private providers, payers, financing arrangements, and payment mechanisms. Use of new technology increases the cost of health care; on the other hand this new technology is making people living long and healthy life, such as transplant technology.

Poorer people, have statistically worse health and consequently greater medical needs. But one thing should be noted that Aggressive treatment only prolongs life; it does not improve it. In caring about this full, real, low-income person whose liver fails, what should one want? The morally most sensitive caring would seem to involve an imaginative process in which one puts oneself in his or her shoes. But once one takes that crucial step, the case for equality of care is destroyed. If one really were the patient and could control the use of the accessible resources, one certainly would not include liver transplants in one’s chosen health plan. So is one uncaring if one concludes that society need not fund this particular expensive technology? Pre reflectively, yes, this is uncaring, but reflectively it is not.

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