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Most people would agree that everyone should be provided with health care. Most people will be in a situation when their well-being would be conditioned by the medical service they receive. Most people would agree that providing people with health care benefits cost a lot of tax-payers’ money. Rising health costs mean lower wages, higher prices for goods and services, and higher taxes.

The points of disagreement arise from the question whether or not all the citizens should sacrifice and accept even higher tax rates for introducing a new health care program which would cover all the citizens regardless of their socio-economic status. Another question is how the government should address this issue and would the universal government-provided insurance mean interfering in people’s lives and limiting personal freedom of choice. To answer both questions, people should decide whether saving humans lives is worth of giving up on some amount of money or even losing some level of personal choice.The national health insurance systems were developed in order to lessen the economic burden on sick or injured people who do not belong to health insurance plans. Most countries have a system in which subscribers pay in accordance with income received from their jobs and these amounts are supplemented by money from the national and local governments.

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